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Vehicles of Stature for the discerning individual

Imagine a world where your dream supercar is within reach. Imagine a world where you can work with a leading dealer on custom designing and manufacturing the car of your dreams. Imagine driving that dream car out onto the open road – on long Sunday drives, breakfast runs or taking the family to your weekend getaway.

Stop imagining and open your eyes. Your dreams are now a reality with Signature Series Supercars International. Our dedicated team of highly trained industry professionals will be able to guide you every step of the journey in building your dream supercar from anywhere in the world.

Meet The Team

The team at Signature Series Supercars all have a deep-rooted automotive passion to connect the perfect person to the perfect automotive masterpiece. We walk the affluent client through the journey from dream to purchase to delivery, ensuring that each step of the process is a completely smooth transaction.

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Jason Schwegmann

Chief Executive Officer

Santiago Valda

Director - USA

Michael Barnett

Director - Europe

Nigel Moss

International Broker - Europe

Leon Claassen

IT Development & Support

Customer Service

When it comes to dealing in high-end vehicles, customer service is always key. Over the years, we have built a rapport with every client so much so that they receive service as if they were part of the family.

Our brokers dedicate their time and effort to ensuring you receive the service you deserve.

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